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The world wants fantasy - lies and hidden truths seem easier to deal with at times - but the world desperately needs reality. It is only in reality that we as a society will find freedom. - Ebonee Davis

Seattle-born, now Brooklyn-based model and activist. Ebonee is an advocate for equality and change, particularly within the fashion industry. Her recent TED talk detailed her experiences as a black model and emphasized the great responsibility that the fashion industry has because it not only reflects society's standard of beauty, but also the current state of our democracy.

Resistance comes in many forms and everyone can participate. You don't have to be an activist or scholar. Random acts of kindness are a form of resistance against oppression. The system says "every man for himself." We say "do unto others." Self love is a form of resistance. The system says "you're not good enough." We say "I'm enough and I'm worthy of love and acceptance." Self esteem is a form of resistance. The system says "buy this and you'll feel better about yourself." We say "I'm good the way I am." A positive mental attitude is a form of resistance. The system says "worry constantly." We say "negative thoughts don't belong to me." Volunteering is a form of resistance. The system says "let's be radically self interested." We say "let's be radically compassionate." Being yourself is a for of resistance. The system says "conform to these standards." We say "nah, being myself is way cooler." Self expression is a form of resistance. The system says "keep it bottled in." We say "my story is unique and deserves to be heard." Sharing is a form of resistance. The system says "you are alone in what you are going through." We say "you're never alone, don't be afraid." Calling ya momma and daddy is a form of resistance. The system says "cling to resentment." We say "accept what is, why it was, and show love." Acceptance is a form of resistance. The system says "you're not worthy, you're too damaged." We say "you're perfect." Resistance isn't just about fighting oppression. It's about imagining freedom. What does freedom look, feel, taste and smell like? Create freedom. Embody freedom. Demonstrate freedom. Practice freedom daily and soon enough freedom will be our reality. - Ebonee Davis

The Bridge Series is a communication platform created by Johan Lindeberg to portray the unified yet diverse voice of the lifestyle brand, which spans fashion and sport. The series invites a selection of talent to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Each talent is asked to reflect - on their life and work, the world - and to then provide their own unique statements, which are paired with intimate portraits take by Johan Lindeberg. In his style, the photos are raw, and they aim to portray the talent's true character - to capture the person more than the "model."

Ebonee wears the Women's Fall 2017 Fashion and Active Collections. Shop the looks here.


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