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Talk a bit about your expectations and thoughts surrounding the collaboration with J.Lindeberg.
I am really looking forward to this. I like the clothes first and foremost. Both on and off course. To represent a Swedish brand on the PGA tour will make me stick out from the rest, especially in the US. That will be fun. Apart from that, I have more expectations on my game. If I play well I will represent J.Lindeberg in a good way. If I feel that I look good on the course, I have more confidence in terms of playing, and in the long run might become a better player.

What are your goals for next year?
First and foremost, to win a Major. To play in Atlanta for the top 30 in the FedEx Cup. And to win a competition is of course a standard goal. And if you win one, you want to win another. But it would be really fun to win a big competition. And to come back to top 50 in the world.

Proudest golf moment so far?
My first win, with my family and friends present - that is something I will never forget. When they came running to me, my brother lifted me, my best friend accidentally poured champagne in my eye and it stung for at least 30 minutes afterwards. And you have all the cameras in front of you and journalists ask how it feels and all I could think about is the stinging of the champagne in my eye. But to celebrate that together with everyone was huge. Especially after being away from family for so long, as I live in the US now. My family is the most precious thing in my life.

Is there one major that you would like to play a little more than the others? 
That would be the Masters. Augusta is my favorite course, it fits me like a glove. It is a really cool course with everything surrounding it.

How do you feel about competitions in general?
That's the reason I play golf. Sometimes it is more like a job and then the competition is the fun part of work. The weekend is when it all happens, that is the time to prove yourself. You can't have a bad day.

How do you prep on the days before?
If I have a pro-am on Wednesday, I play 9 holes and go to the gym on Tuesday. Some gym and pro-am on Wednesday. But not so much that I am tired, I still need to be rested for Thursday. It is pretty similar every week. It is more what happens around the course that will be different depending on where you are. If you are in Napa maybe you can go to a wine tasting; and if you go to other more remote places you don't do anything, except for watching TV; and if you are in NYC there is plenty to do. So again, experience what you can while you are there.

How much is mental vs. physical about golf, for you personally?
80% is mental and 20% is more training, work out, tactics, how to play etc. At the moment, I don't have a mental coach, but I am interested in this university in the US which has done studies on how nerve signals are sent to places in the body, and found that the more clustered these signals are, the easier it gets to do something. So, if you think positively all the time you will automatically think positively. And this is proven physically. So that for me is more interesting than laying on a couch with someone asking you "so how do you feel today?".

You left a promising career in hockey to play golf. What made you choose golf and was it a tough decision?
I became much better at golf than I was at hockey, so it was a natural transition. It was more difficult at the age of 15 because at that time I was equally good in both, but soon after I was becoming better and better at golf.

Does your outgoing personality affect the way you play or work?
No, I don't think so. I am quite quiet on the course but I say hi to everyone. I go with my caddie and it is not more than that. If I start to listen to the people around I get distracted. Around the course everyone always tries to get your attention, sometimes they are really nice and just want to ask something and sometimes they psyche you. That happens to all athletes.

During a competition, everything is supposed to be quiet. Is it hard to feel the support from the fans etc. when they are not allowed to cheer loudly like they are in other sports like hockey? 
Personally, I would like it to be more action and noise, when you are at hole 16 in Phoenix, there is a lot of action and everyone is trying to quiet people down but then it just gets worse. If you allow everyone to party it is ok. It's more random noise that can be disturbing. If it is a constant noise that is ok. It is of course good to have family there that claps and cheers if I do something good.

How do you spend your time "off course"?
All and nothing. Watch hockey, go to the beach, see friends. Hockey is very close to my heart. Also, there is a lot of work having a house I've realized, almost like a hobby. A lot to fix. Or if there is a something new to try, like paddle board, and I would like to start to surf. But the down part with surf is that you paddle out and then it is nothing but wait. and if you catch a wave the rush is so short. So, you need to be patient. And then the risk of injuries as well.

Rumor has it you are quite the adventurer. Tell us more!
It's more that I like to do things. I realized that when I was on vacation in Australia just now. I did so much all the time and my friends thought I was crazy. Took a helicopter to the Barrier Reef to dive, took a quite challenging hike in the afternoon, and looked at the sunrise from a mountain top - it was great. But for me that is not crazy. If you can do something, why not do it. If you are just lying around nothing will happen. I like to experience things, and that runs in the family.


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