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10 years ago, J.Lindeberg created a collection of polo jerseys together with one of the brand's top Golf ambassadors, Camilo Villegas. A collection of polo shirts merging the rare combination of art and sports, into a few artful, high performance pieces. The brand is now revisiting the successful concept by creating three brand new Art Polo Shirts, each with its own unique and artful screen print, designed and sketched by hand. The result is a limited edition capsule, crafted with J.Lindeberg's signature attention to detail.

The different prints have focused graphic lines which are matching between different pattern pieces, with deep ink saturation for a luxurious look. The method is inspired by the craftsmanship of haute couture and is a rare practice within the sportswear industry. The print is dyed on pre-cut parts of the garment to ensure that the graphic lines match perfectly in the final product - appearing as if you have painted directly onto the ready-made shirt. The deep ink saturation has the added benefit of not losing color, even when the garment is stretched, for a flawless appearance.

The two X:s on the first Art Polo is a nod to the previous collection, where the single X represented 10 years of J.Lindeberg. The artist created the print by layering tape on the fabric and then dip dying it, to have the jersey make its way from the golf course to the art gallery. For the red and black polo a combination of tape, grid spray and dip dye was used to create an interesting pattern and with the black and white jersey a combined paint and brush technique was used.

“The Art Polo is one of the ways we showcase the art of sports. It’s tailored specifically to our customer, who is just as fashionable and mindful of details on course, as off course”. Says Jens Werner, J.Lindeberg’s Creative Director.

Adding a new dimension of art to its technical sports garments, while staying true to their functional features, is a first step of many in the new direction of the brand. A way to celebrate the aware and style-conscious golf player, a prominent customer segment for J.Lindeberg. The art polos carry handwritten, printed signatures, and the collection is an artsy glimpse into the future of the progressive brand, in the intersection of sports and fashion.


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