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Swedish free skier Sverre Lilieqvist is a legend in the free-ride community and has been skiing since he was seven years old. Among the most famous moments of his career is his breathtaking race at the Swatch Skiers Cup in 2013, where he started an avalanche, which he not only outskied, but landed a backflip in.
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Austrian free skier Sandra Lahnsteiner has gained global fame and recognition for daring rides. She has won various global nominations and awards for her performance both as an athlete and a creative entrepreneur. She is also a filmmaker, with her own company "Shades of Winter," producing stunning ski films. Through her movies, coaching anc camps she is able to connect with and inspire female athletes all over the world.
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Olle started as an alpine skier before he transitioned into Free-riding. He shares his adventures in traveling and competing in the series "DYBS: Does Your Brother Ski," along with his brothers. He is also currently on the FWQ tour. Fun fact, Olle once worked in the J.Lindeberg store in Åre, while starting out his career as a skier.
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Johan is a two-time Norwegian Free Ski Champion, and has competed on an international level since traveling with the Norwegian Free Ski Team. He's also gained attention for various ski stunts, including an impressive mid-air high five with his friend Olympian skier Aleksander Aurdal.
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Maria is a Swedish World Cup Alpine Ski racer focusing on slalom and giant slalom. She competed in her first World Cup at age 16 with the Swedish team, and later won the World Cup at slalom in Aspen in 2010. She has competed in three Olympic games.
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