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Responsibility | Environment

Our business has an impact on the environment. Therefore, we need to take responsibility in all parts of our operation. Our efforts to reduce our impact and be careful about how we use resources is an integral part of our company. We strive to make the right choices for our climate and environment - from care labels and hang tags to consumer packaging and stores. Every step in the right direction, big or small, is important.

Business impact on environment

We always have the best product in mind and raw materials are chosen carefully to enhance that. When there is a sustainable alternative available without compromising quality, it's always our first choice.

We encourage our suppliers to reduce the use of energy and switch to renewable sources. We also encourage them to use water responsibly, to be resource efficient and minimize waste.

Considering impact on the environment, transportation of goods by sea or train is the preferred mode. Therefore, we make sure transportation by air is reduced to a minimum. Packaging, whenever possible, stems from sustainable sources and our aim is to make it climate neutral. We collaborate with ÅterBära, for Climate neutral packaging.

The energy sources we choose for our stores and showrooms are from renewable sources and the most efficient armature.

We encourage our customers to take care of their JL garments to make them last longer. We promote a second life for our garments.

Meeting our suppliers and customers is important to keep running a relevant and high quality business. We recognize the impact our travelling has on the climate and always aim to compensate that impact.
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